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Today, I have a very important task that I will do anything to conquer. It will require stealth, shrewdness, and an acuity of the mind unlike any other challenge she has faced.

I will get my Coca Cola Icee if it's the last thing I do.


Mar. 19th, 2010 10:38 am
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Someone sent me a postcard!! HOLY CRAP! It's from Bess Rogers, Allison Weiss, and Jenny Owens Young!


They left lipstick kisses on it too, LOL! This totally adds a coolness factor to the day!
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GUYS. I need a magic wand to FIX MY COMPUTER.

For WEEKS I've been seeing this message 'Your C:(!@#$%) Drive is running VERY low on memory. Click here to delete unnecessary files, remove/uninstall programs you don't use'.

Do I need a new computer? I don't know how to transfer things from the C drive to the data drive without MESSING UP ALL MY PROGRAMS. There's some I don't even use, but... :( I don't know what to do and I'm freaking out because...I have a LOT of important documents on this computer, it was my college computer, it has tons of my school work, papers, etc.

THEN, there's the MUSIC. iTunes has to save this file on the C: drive, whereas I've MOVED all the music files from the C drive to my external harddrive (which I almost killed a few months ago after pushing everything off the lappie when I spilled root beer ALL OVER the right side of the keyboard)...

I'm clumsy, I can't help it.

Help *cries*

I'm also reticent to consider purchasing another laptop because the next computer purchase I want to make is for a Mac. But those dang things are EXPENSIVE. And I want it primarily to be my partner in crime in school (whenever school deigns me worthy enough NOT TO REJECT ME *not bitter*)

Please offer solutions and peanut butter balls. I need some peanut butter to soothe my soul now.

/random, random, is random: also, I NEED A PEANUT BUTTER ICON. lol /random
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GUYS. I REALLY WANNA GET A PERMANENT ACCOUNT. Is there ANY future info anyone has on IF this is a possibility anymore?? I know LJ before Six Apart, had like, little once a year marathons for selling perm accounts, but they weren't often, or at the most convenient times.

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Look at the number of LJ entries.

Luckily this post will change that number.

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Case in point

+ spilled root beer on my bed, purse, computer, external harddrive and pillows last night. GO ME!

+ hit another curb this morning while turning to get on the HOV. (just got the tires replaced!!!!!)

+ figured out this morning I hadn't filtered my online friends list correctly, thus missing a few of you guys' intro/first week of posts, on my list (DANGIT!!!). I separate flists according to either fandom, graphic journals, music journals, etc...and hadn't edited them properly to include new friends on the daily reading flist (which is everyone that does normal posts, from day to day). I'm an ...Idiot. lol


Dec. 10th, 2009 09:54 pm
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I have the best flist ever.


I just got a gift in the mail, totally opened it early but WHATEVS, it's SNAIL MAIL AND DEMANDED TO BE OPENED.

I got a Hermione light up wand!!! LOL, it was on my Amazon list...I think. a fluke

:DDDDDDD I think I know who sent it, but it doesn't even matter - I've had so much fun with it in the past hour. At first, I freaked because I couldn't find triple A batteries, but then I took some out of one of my remotes for SOMETHING and voila! IT WORKED! And then I proceeded to dance around my room FLICKING MY VINE WAND!!! Because guess WHY?!?!?! IT TURNS ON WHEN YOU FLICK IT! Or tap it against a table or ...hard surface. And it gets brighter when you push on a button, and then can get lighter/softer! :DDDDDDDD

I'm SO FREAKIN' EXCITED FOR MY WAND, Y'ALL!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to whomever gave me my wand!! I'm a friggin' adult but this makes me happy like a 5 year old girl who just caught Santa coming down the chimney!!!

OMG I LOVE YOU THANK YOU!!!!! You don't have to identify yourself, but if you do - I'll proclaim my love to you far and wide!! :D ♥♥♥♥♥

*big hugs* *biglove*
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Day 01 - a song
Day 02 - a picture
Day 03 - a book/ebook/fanfic
Day 04 - a site
Day 05 - a youtube clip
Day 06 - a quote
Day 07 - whatever tickles your fancy

Please don't go

If you like how it sounds, go out and buy the CD, Barcelona: Absolutes.
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Wednesday morning I head off to Target for my boss, and I decide to go into downtown before making my way out of that area to get to the store, when I'm passing my alumni: the campus of UHD (my school).

So I'm driving along the (very small) bridge which is over a bayou and where the metro train stops, and I look to my left and see traffic being somewhat blocked, and then I notice...

There's a young black girl standing on the bridge wall. She's holding on to this pole thing really tightly, and she's crying.

My first thought (sadly) is 'This bridge is not high enough to create enough impact to the water to kill her.' And this is in rapid succession: 'This day must have been too much for her', THEN, 'What the HELL GUYS??? PULL HER OFF THE WALL SHE'S JUST STANDING THERE HOLDING ON TO A POLE!!!' And then I thought. 'Man. I really didn't want to see a jumper today. ARGH!! ...Poor girl.'

And as I'm thinking all this crap as I'm driving, (I've already passed her WAY BACK WHEN) I realize if I'd been able to just pull over somewhere, ANYWHERE without blocking stupid Houston traffic, I would've just run up from behind (where she wouldn't have noticed me, and manhandled her to the ground. I don't even think I would've cared if she hit her head on the ground, she was SO YOUNG. It just makes me so upset to see this and the same dialogue runs through my head... It's not worth it to just try and take your life away when it hasn't even started... I just wanted to scream that at her, but I wasn't, wouldn't, didn't. The cop had just gotten there as I was passing them, and cops turn off my internal alarms. Which is quite amusing, seeing as I work in a law office and half the relatives of the other partner are cops.

And the kicker! I promoted Ingrid Michaelson to some friends through email, and if I did that from ingrid's website, it says that we'd be thanked with a special download after the album was released (which I bought from iTunes :)) So, I receive this email late afternoon when I'm watching the clock and staring as the minute hand starts to move in super slow snail speed (haha, all the 's' words, there's an English term for that), and I get all excited because this is what makes desk workers excited-new music- and I look at the title of the track. (Background info-back in junior high someone in my grade committed suicide, then in every year of high school someone I personally KNEW committed suicide, the short of it - I promised myself that I would never commit suicide) So 3 years ago I acquired this documentary titled 'The Bridge'. It's about the San Francisco bridge. Jumpers, basically. So when I see the title of the song, I think back to that documentary, and then I get sad because I remember my promise, and the friends I had before they decided things were too much.

And I think, please no...

Ingrid has a song about suicidal people, and the lyrics are...aptly put, but still disturbing. And I didn't like this coincidence at all. LOL Goodness. This job is quite surely numbing my emotions and aptitude for empathy.

That's sad.

How's everyone else out there??


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