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Day 01 - a song
Day 02 - a picture
Day 03 - a book/ebook/fanfic
Day 04 - a site
Day 05 - a youtube clip
Day 06 - a quote
Day 07 - whatever tickles your fancy

Day 3 - the reason I even joined livejournal was because [ profile] adamanteve19 told me to, and I was an avid follower of her's, so I did. And it's because of her fic: Forever Knight. Harry Potter fic. There's HP, magic, AU-ness, and just...some intense stuff. It's dark, captivating, and it was my world. I'm an avid Harry/Hermione shipper. I don't need anyone to argue the points of why it was obvious Hermione was meant for Ron and Harry to Ginny. I don't care if it made sense, I understand that Harry Potter was just a fantastic fairy tale story with a nice happy ending for JK Rowling's kids to enjoy. I get that, but what JK failed to capitalize on was writing good romance. She wrote amazing friendship, and botched up the 'love' stuff. So of course I followed Forever Knight until its very end. After that, I gave up most fic, and especially anything with sex/porn. lol. Made some 'life decisions' then too. Still a fantastic fic to read and finish. AMAZING WRITER SHE IS!!

Day 4 is nearly self explanatory if you just follow the link. Beef up your vocabulary and feed people rice in a foreign land that need food.

Day 5 Pachelbel's Rant. :D I love Canon's Pachelbel. I play it on violin ALL THE TIME, doesn't mean I can't ignore this guys lament. haha!

Day 6 undecided

Day 7 undecided

I'll come back to these after I get my work done. ^_^
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Hello all.

lol-So I was going to update an hour ago...but that didn't work out because when I turned on my notebook, it was getting to the main screen, and I was just about to put it on my lap because it's on my bed today and...before I'd even sat up and grabbed it, there was this ominous click, and then ... no lights, or A/C, or...sound.

hahah! The power WENT OUT! There's no signs of a storm outside, it's a bit breezy, grey skies...

So before that, I had just situated my ma so she could continue her nap (she woke up really tired this morning and then woke me up to be woeful for her (ie, that equals her knocking on my door REALLY LOUDLY [and waking me up] to tell me off for not doing my chores this week). And so I didn't want to wake her up because she did need sleep. I grabbed my cellphone, and the storm flashlight on my windowsill and went to the restroom, and then I called my dad. He said to check the breaker, and I was already down the stairs and in the kitchen reaching for the back door when I realized I couldn't leave that way because our garage door is electric. The POWER is OUT. Of course I said as much once I was standing in the garage looking for my comfy sandals. Then I walked back to the front door and checked on the breaker. Everything looked okay, the main switch was on, the individual switches were all on 'on' so I walked back to the front of the house and saw other people looking around and just...looking confused (just like me, because, heck, there wasn't any thunder or lightning, construction in OUR neighborhood ended last year and...if I'd been working on homework on my computer and it didn't have a battery in it - I WOULD HAVE LOST IT!! - hypothetically speaking, that would've been REALLY, REALLY upsetting.

In other news, here is what I was going to originally post ... An hour and a half ago.
Background info: My church is doing this concert thing to be all American Proud or whatever, and we've invited all veterans, police officers, firefighters, and we're going to be singing a ton of songs [and I'm playing a solo]. And to my surprise (and pleasure) found 2 of the pieces we'll be singing. [Our director/conducter is MADE OF WIN, I always LOVE his music selections for this event, which is an annual thing since 9/11]

Come on now, you know you're curious - push the play button. ;) )


Jul. 9th, 2007 11:16 am
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