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UGH. I didn't know my hand needed to be IN the picture with my lj name. Oh well. My pumpkin is STILL COOL. I left it at my friends house where we did the carving.

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LOL... With Halloween coming up, I HATE THE COMMERCIALS. I've seen too many Paranormal Activity 3 previews to be able to sleep well enough at night. I'm a little too sensitive to this stuff.

Ghost/supernatural experiences???

There's a few, but I'll just get into a couple. They were at my parents house on the north side (still living there now). My room and the downstairs are pretty active actually, but I'll only tell my stories.

One night, as per the usual, I had a midnight restroom trip. So I woke up, unlocked my door, and then went to the next room to the right (my dad's restroom). I do my business, whatever, I'm sleepy, and after washing my hands and shutting off the light and the door, I get back into the hallway to my room and just as I get my hand on the doorknob, I hear my pet-name called from downstairs, as if mom was calling me.

I stopped and looked at my mom's door, and it was still shut. So I lean on the banister and look down the stairs, and there are no lights on or anything. I walk over to my mom's door and check it and it's locked and I do a double take downstairs. There's no movement, no lights, nothing. So I go back to my bedroom door, turn towards the staircase and call out 'Mom', just to make response. So I shake my head and go back to bed. I was thinking, 'I ain't goin' downstairs for nothin' til she comes up and bangs on my door, psshhh.' I shook my head as I locked my door (twisting the knob to make sure it was locked) and got back into bed. NO THANKS.

Harmless, right? No biggie.

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