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My family celebrates Christmas on December 25th, as well as Christmas Eve on the 24th (we get to open one gift). Usually we'll make Mexican Hot Chocolate, banana bread, and watch TV until a little past midnight.

My family also celebrate New Year's Eve (Dec. 31st), bundled up in blankets and hoodies (to prepare for fireworks outside in the cold), and watch the ball drop on TV broadcast from New York City. Since they are an hour ahead of me, I switch my attention from outside (impatient people with too many fireworks), and TV to watch the music performances. Sometimes I'll climb out on to the roof with my dad and record the fireworks on my camera, or just sit out there and watch all the pretty firework shows reflect off the lakes in the neighborhood.

I ♥ any holiday that involves fire and color and fireworks! :D
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UGH. I didn't know my hand needed to be IN the picture with my lj name. Oh well. My pumpkin is STILL COOL. I left it at my friends house where we did the carving.

one more pic )
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This can be different for different personalities. Some need time (a lot) to themselves. Others need to socialize more and just get on with it. Some need an intervention. It really depends on the person.

I like that this question is slightly vague about the broken heart. Broken heart for losing a significant other, broken heart from losing a dear friendship, broken heart for losing a loved one to death.

Probably one important point to make about this is that for all of these situations, I believe that allowing yourself to grieve is very important. Beyond that, it just depends what works best for you.
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I have a top 5 for favorite Beatles songs.

Yellow Submarine
Eleanor Rigby
Paperback Writer
Hey Jude

The first 4 are definitely permanent favs, Hey Jude could be traded for something else - but I can't remember all the titles, I just know the words to every song once I hear the first note. :) YAY BEATLES!

RIP John Lennon
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Memories could change everything. Or not at all. The choices we make, the attitude we choose to have all affects how we percieve the world and how we react to it. Casting off memories, good or bad, painful or wonderful, could make us people we wouldn't want to be. I think it would be bad to 'cast-off' memories. We'd end up stagnant as a person, and to me we all have a purpose. Life is a journey, and by living and learning, we're either progressing or not.

I don't know if that made sense. Oh well.
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I remember buying a pint of ice cream from a Buccee's down here (a really popular ecletic gas station/shop, and eating the entire thing in about 8 minutes. And I still felt empty inside.

I have no idea which choice is better. I think it's relative to the person/people involved. Was it a healthy break up? Was it one sided? Depending on those things, some people do need time to just 're-group', while others (or the other half) feel fine immediately jumping back into the dating game.

I want to read everyone's responses to this now...
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I think I've found a lot of different songs that create a strong reaction, but most recently would be John Mayer's music. One of my top songs from him would be Dreaming with a Broken Heart. Even before I knew what a broken heart was; the words are very powerful.

Also, In Repair is pretty fitting right now.

My favorite one right now, for sure, is by A Fine Frenzy, 'Almost Lover'. Killer. Absolutely spot on in its sincerity and gruesome doubts we torment ourselves with after a break-up, separation, parting of ways, etc.
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FUNNY this was the question I came upon when logging in!

I can't remember any weird food combos that I like, BUT, the person I was going to mention on here is. I just watched her spread oatmeal on her toast. Does anyone else do this?

I have never seen this concoction or even heard rumors of such a fusion. Not sure if I want to try it, but hey, GO GIRL! Eat what you like!
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This is an interesting question. I had a professor in college (Ph.D., etc) that absolutely insisted that the only way to minimize the issues of overpopulation of 'criminals' in the Criminal Justice system was to legalize marijuana. She was adamant that many of the convicted criminals clogging the system were for minor possessions, and if we would just let marijuana be legal, the 'hype' of the drug would disappear. Thus, allowing for the real criminal to be pursued, caught, tried in court, and judged, etc etc.

I never had an opinion on the matter. I honestly have had no interest in marijuana, so I don't count myself as a legitimate person to ask. Or maybe because I'm so blasé about the whole thing, maybe my opinion matters most? Whatever. My professor had the idea that if marijuana wasn't sensationalized by the fact that it's illegal, and just made a drug you could get, then the excitement of the experience would wear off.

I see how that's a possibility, it makes sense in a way, I guess. The whole idea just makes me shrug.
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haha - YES I DO. I don't like confrontation, I don't like contention, so I'm a coward and I refuse to acknowledge something unless I know I absolutely have to face it.

I willingly sacrifice myself for friends.

Let's put it in context(!):

Friend A and ME want to get together. Something comes up, and Friend A tries to work something out, but if that situation that has come up is something I KNOW is a priority, then I'll say 'don't worry about me, we can get together another time'.

I don't make it a point to specify that 'hey, yeah, I'd like some of your time - and (sometimes) it hurts when you can't make time for me,' but when something important comes up (or even stupid because I LOVE REJECTION), I will be the first to say, 'forget about me. Do what you need to do and maybe next time things will work out.'

Before, when I had the potential for more friends, this was an issue for me. I became bitter and swore off making friends of any kind. Because I didn't feel like I was important enough to anyone anyway. So instead of just moping, I decided for myself that I would just not bother having an emotional reaction and just be easier about it. I don't want my friends feeling bad. So I will be the first to say, 'it's okay, things happen, NEXT TIME'. Friends are important to me, they're almost more important than family, but that's the thing - I will never be someone else's 'family' like blood familial is. It's different. It'll always be different. And I have to live with that. (And usually, it doesn't bother me, because I don't LET it bother me.)

Some friends just take it as it is and let it slide, SOME friends get annoyed and tell me off, others try to ask WHY I'm like this. I've never tried to articulate it wholeheartedly.

I'm not trying to fix it. I'm at a point where I've sort of given up. That won't last forever, but for is; I'm just tired. Something will come along and knock me off my feet, and it may be enough to kick me out of this. I'll all it a 'funk', I'm in a funk right now. My enthusiasm for life will come back :)

That's an attempt to articulate it. This is probably one of the most prevalent bad habits I have. THERE ARE MANY MORE YAY!


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