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I signed up for a creative writing class in the Spring semester, and now, the semester is officially, finally over. And I have a few poems and short stories to show for it (exciting).

Anyway, I had wanted to share them on my LJ, just for sharing's sake, but I didn't want to wait a day to do each post because 1) I'm lazy, 2) no patience, and 3) LAZY SOD RIGHT HERE.

So, I hope some of you guys are interested, and if not, you can mosey on along checking your flist (and have a good day).

For those interested, after each completed poem the writing style is posted, because in classes, we were given a specific writing form to write in, and besides being forgetful, I'm lazy and would rather look up the poems online to check the writing style then go through my hundred or so printouts. So, yeah. :)

Poem #1 Poem #2
Poem #3 Poem #4
Poem #5 Poem #6
Poem #7 Poem #8
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hmmm, numbers will do.

1. Got a new computer - Acer: 160 Gig HD, 2 Gig DDR2, *sigh* Vista. And for some unknown reason I can't open Firefox on this computer OR figure out how to change the WLAN settings to stop it from disconnecting from a perfectly decent network, which just so happens to be the one I set-up and has been working perfectly for 3 years now...

2. Got my dream camera - it has been heaven, and of course, a dream come true (7-ish years in the making) Took pictures of a beautiful rainbow today. *swoons*

3. My Test(Finals) scores for online classes were both A's (and, to my utter surprise and pleasure, my first 92 turned into a 96 after I emailed the professor about badly worded questions which contradicted the textbook (absolutely amazing what studying for days on end through a textbook can make you remember - I took that test in 17 minutes FLAT).

3a. Crit. Analysis for online class: 95.
3b. Will be getting at least one A (possibly 2), a B (possibly 2), and a C for this semester.
3c. Signed up for Spring semester a couple weeks back: 5 classes, and already know what I'll be signing up for in the summer. Scheduled date of graduation: December 08.

4. I've completed 40% of a picture tiling/crafts project and now just have to get together with friends to finish up the most time-consuming part of the process.

/random. This new keyboard is so fresh and clean that it's irritating my skin (the crafts project didn't help much in that aspect, fingers got abused today).

/random2. The screen resolution on this thing is stunning.


Dec. 7th, 2007 11:06 am
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I'm done. SO DONE! Just took my last final and I was, I kid you not, shouting Yes! in the office (took last online exam and ACED IT) and then realized I'm really hungry. Must eat next, but but!!!

I got a 92 on BOTH online exams, go figure - and I'm still waiting to find out about my 2 other classes but...the odds are LOOKIN UP!!!!


I seriously just wanna dance! I may go and do that, or test out my new camera!! (Dudes, I totally have not updated properly in EVER)

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2 Finals and one paper later (92 on one final!!) and there goes the day.

I'm almost ready for beddy-bye bye.

Man. What a relief to get a 92! YAY!
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Or maybe I did, and there was just some other unexplainable reason for my lethargy.

Yeah, that's my procrastination and sudden apathy to all things DUE THIS WEEK.

Ugh. Well then, I guess this is all the more reason to stay up late tonight to study/read article/write some of paper/and take a couple of finals online. Great.

Just great.

Oh the wonders...3 finals. THREE FINALS ON THE SAME DAY?!?! Ugh.


Sep. 25th, 2007 04:14 pm
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So today, I feel all kinds of out of sorts. Or maybe today is just - not working for me, lol.

I went to bed last night around ... 3 AM? 2:30 AM? Can't remember, earlier than usual, I'll tell you that. Anyway, my body had the nerve to open my eyelids at 7:07 AM. Well, little monster had something to do with that since monster yelled at my mom really loudly. Ugh. The problem with kids, I SWEAR, is that their voices are so high pitched they can wake up the dead. Makes it all the worse for when they get into hissy fits or start fighting with other tots like themselves.

I decided to leave my notebook at home...and now I feel naked without it. Seriously, it's so odd not to have my notebook with me, to not have it's heaviness causing tension in my shoulders...

My shoulders like it though, lol.

I forgot my bag of foods for the the kitchen, right where my backpack was before I picked it up [and left the foods]. *headdesk* And I made a good bag of foods for today. 2 gummy packs [6 little treats in each], then 2 granola bars, and then 2 peanut bars and 2 bananas. Yeah, not really healthy, but tasty. *screams* I'm getting a headache from not having eaten yet.

I did eat lunch before leaving, a personal pizza mom had popped in the oven. It was kinda small.

This dude in my poli. sci. class had his notebook with him last Thursday, ...and, I did too, but I was catching up on notes I missed [borrowed some from someone else], but while I was doing that, the professor started a movie and the narrator was talking so fast. I couldn't take notes for both so I asked the dude if I could get a copy of his notes [the whole, email me your notes and...yeah, that would be really cool of you]. So he was like 'sure, I'll send them to you on email when I get home. The other issue being he couldn't do it then because his computer was being stupid and wouldn't connect even though the wi-fi signal was REALLY STRONG. The big deal about this is that he FORGOT TO SEND ME THE BLEEDIN' NOTES AND THE TEST IS ON THURSDAY.

...douche. He emailed this morning and was all like 'dude, I'm sorry I totally forgot about the email but better late than never'...I SO did not respond. Ugh.

But I *did* have something to cheer me up once I got to school. I logged into WEBCT to check the calendars for my online classes and I had turned in an essay last night for an essay assignment - it turned out really well in my opinion. My mom even read it and was all 'it makes sense, and I totally agree' blah blah blah. Anyway, for some reason, even though she doesn't read my textbooks or know what material I'm working on, she's always able to point out things that don't work so that's why I asked her to read it last night. 4 pages of awesomeness. :D Anyway, logged into WEBCT and the grade was already posted and I got 20/20. I got a 100 on my first essay assignment that I chose!!!!!

She gives us this option of 17 different writing assignments, and each assignment correlates with a specified chapter in our textbook. So we only have to choose 5; only 5 opportunities to do our best on these essays. I'm so happy. Of course I've had this teacher before and I know exactly what to touch on in order for her to ... like them :D We have the same opinions on a lot of things in the criminal justice system so - needless to say, when we get on the topic, we just go on and on and on and it's good. lol.

Urgh. So hungry. Mmmmm, darnit - missed out on having some guatemalan food downtown. Dangit, I would've been able to get some horchata for the train ride. Poo. *headdesk**headdesk**headdesk*

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Oh yes.

Obsessed. I went to a Kroger's store [like a Safeway] with my buddy to do some last minute shopping for her b-day party and...I saw Harry Potter Candies. Bertie Bott's every flavor beans and chocolate frogs. I got a wizard trading card: Rubeus Hagrid :D I opened up the jelly bean bag today and was wondering about whether or not the beans actually DID try to mimic nasty crap for flavors and WHOA. YUCK. Like, totally - be very wary of the jelly beans because, indeed, some of them are very very gross. But I also have had some pretty good ones! Lemon, strawberry, mint, licorice, and then there was one that I swear had pepper in it, and that was hard to swallow, lol.

ACK! School 'officially' started today, but I go to classes TR, so Tuesday Thursday. I just went today to get my textbooks metropass - there was some messed up stuff going on with that but it's all good. I start so late in the day too, bugger. My first class is at 2:30. Last class ends at 6:45. That's what I get for being a junior now. I hope the professors are better this semester.

!!! It looks like Hurricane Dean won't be heading over here, for now anyway, but still, not cool where ever it goes - hopefully it'll die down before touching land.

Saw The Bourne Ultimatum - may I say, AWESOME movie. I love watching Matt Damon in these movies. He's awesome. I dunno, just a great trilogy. Some new things came up, well, just one thing that I noticed - dealing with the girl [already forgot her name, haha] but yeah, will have to find some place to ask if anyone else noticed it. YAY FOR JASON BOURNE!!

/random || David Beckham sounds like a girlyman. Would NOT have expected that.


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