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For my dear [ profile] risiepookie, I love you hon, and I hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

Also - if you didn't know [which I highly doubt] It's Mexico's INDEPENDENCE DAY!!

HAPPY Birthday, my lovely!!

Happy Birthday Images @

Love you, babe.

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Seriously, I applaud teachers, because when I get disappointed - ugh. I get ANGRY, not SAD or weepy, I get DISAPPOINTED, and then irritated, and just plain angry.

Of course, I DO get upset easier than most, but seriously. My boys will know better next time to be prepared for when I come. And they wonder why I don't give them new material more often. )
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Thanks to [ profile] ireneadler, I've had the pleasure to MAX OUT on uploading icons to my userpics page. Guh! 103 spaces to fill and for a while there I felt like those spaces kept multiplying! Twas bliss.

Cut for length - well, it's not THAT long but I didn't wanna HOG TOO much space )

and [ profile] mypetconcubine - I hope the medicine has helped.
[ profile] risiepookie I miss you, but I hope you're having tons of fun where ever you are *tight hugs and kisses*

ANDDDDDDDDDDD - [ profile] kundalakesi UPDATED JANUARY!!!
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Rank the following values in order of importance with 1 representing the most important value to you, and so on. Now go through the list again and rank these values according to how you believe most people would rank them.

Achievement // Friendship
Power // Altruism
Health // Recognition
Autonomy // Honesty
Religion // Beauty
Justice // Success
Creativity // Knowledge
Wealth // Duty
Love // Wisdom
Emotional well-being // Loyalty
Family // Pleasure


Go ahead. Do it. You know you wanna ^_~
-- Since it's 1 AM and I need sleep badly, I'll post how I ranked these tomorrow when I'm more...cognizant of ...what I'm saying *nods*

/Random - got my glasses couple days ago...

...I can't always tell what's a level, flat surface...or what's at an angle. *squints at keyboard* depth perception --- WHOA --- thank goodness my driving hasn't been awful...

[ profile] syven Hope you're alright ♥
[ profile] risiepookie !!! 34 MORE DAYS!!! [in my counting...might be a day off, lol]

I R TIRED. Seriously. *slumps*
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I've sealed my fate.

Just over an hour ago I paid tuition [meaning I used the 'rents money to pay off the debt I put under my name, ALONG with books] for summer school - one term, summer1- starting next Tuesday.

I've also missed talking to some people online - [ profile] syven (completely my fault, though haven't been online much earlier in the day/not feeling well to talk either) and [ profile] ireneadler <-- you've been GONE...well, out of the country, well - the country you've been residing in.
And my dear [ profile] risiepookie (WHEN DO YOU WALK ACROSS THE STAGE?!)

*sigh* I'm a little weary of this summer thing, but I said I'd do it, and I'll stick to it. 'Sides, I'm in an ethics class - ethics strikes me as philosophy; and since I enjoyed my philosophy class, I'd like to believe that Ethics will be neat, too.

My other class? BOO - Statistical Analysis in Criminal Justice.


OHYEAH! Computer issues? still going on, lol. Gotta keep uploading my files and then I'll take it to the techies to do their techie thing.




Easter hols

Apr. 9th, 2007 11:54 am
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I like LJ-CUTS )

pssst! Risie!  )
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(have you gone to the doc's?)


In other news, nothing going on here. Life is moving on and I'm trying to hold on.

What's everyone else been up to?

*wishes she could hug everyone*
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As I type this up and wonder why I feel feverish- then I remember - I've been moving furniture all day.

Why, you ask?

Because someone in the family felt that they needed a new bedroom set, but do they help with the breakdown process? You know, moving the TV that weighs more than me (you can't lift it, trust me), moving the DRESSER, moving the mirror, moving 2 endtables, and lamps, and another dresser - and the bed and frame (mattress, and box spring).

I think I'm going to be sick, and I've got the chills.
...maybe that should've been the other way around.


blech, I want to be deserted on an island.

On another note - got this online card from my wonderful friend [ profile] risiepookie (love you) yesterday, which was SO AWESOME, because it was a card from ART.COM (artpad site) - the one where you can paint a picture/card/note for WHOMEVER, and email it, and the recipient gets to watch how the card was made, because it's all interactive and stuff. (!!!!!!)
That was the best hon, thanks!

But still, my fingers hurt, my legs hurt and I feel all wobbly when I walk around, so I'm not walking for the rest of the night *yay* Maybe not even tomorrow - *shiver*

oh my, I think I'll actually go to bed before 10 PM. Amazing.

*note - Emma Watson got harrassed(sp?) at her school yesterday! The POOR GIRL.
Watson's ordeal. Isn't that horrible?
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- Woke up this morning, an hour earlier than necessary. 4:20 AM.

- Got ready, had to wake my dad up to move his truck.

-Saw a dead, black cat on the street on my way to the highway. I felt sad for the cat. Poor thing, all sprawled out. Then I wondered, 'who's gonna clean that up?' Is that bad of me? Oh well. The thing will start smelling if no one gets rid of it.

- Oddly enough, I think I had the worst cup of coffee ever this morning. Mind, I don't drink straight coffee, last time I did, I think that was like 3 years ago. Is it possible to have a bad cup of coffee? I'm pretty sure it is. Possible, I mean. I wanted decaf., but no, it was too early in the morning to have decaf available so I just said, 'fine, I'll take regular.'

Big mistake.

- Got to school and finished my coffee, that didn't have enough sugar (I like sugar), and got out of my car to find splatters of BLOOD behind the wheel on the drivers side. I should be worried about that, but I'm more apathetic to it really. Pretty sure it didn't come from the cat, because the cat was sprawled out in the other lane, but maybe it bled a lot and the blood ran into the water pools that were all over the place. Odd. Poor cat. Cats are my favorite animal.

- I'm worried. And concerned, and feeling totally useless.

- I think today will be okay. Once classes start, and I preoccupy myself with the work that I need to have done by Thursday, a lot of things will be pushed out of my mind.

- Risie, if you read this, know you're constantly in my thoughts, and in my heart. If you'd let me be there for you, I would. *tighthugs*

- blech, I need a drink.


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