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"Electricity Is In My Soul" Lyrics
Music & Lyrics by David Bennett
Composed by David Bennett, Jon Sprague, and Christopher Bennett

You came home last night and seemed far away
I could not believe
that you were alright with everything

Night is the key that unravels everything
When it all comes down
And people tend to erupt without a sound

I know you don't like how I feed but please try to remember it's natural for a thing like me

Electricity is in my soul, soul
Electricity is in my soul, soul

I snuck outside once you fell asleep
and I walked down the road
to give my electronics an overload

It's easy to be angry at something
that you don't understand
And people tend to be stubborn with where they stand

I know you don't like how I feed but please try to remember it's natural for a thing like me

Electricity is in my soul, soul
Electricity is in my soul, soul

Electricity is in my soul, soul
Electricity is in my soul, soul
Soul, soul
Soul, soul
Soul, soul
Soul, soul
Electricity is in my soul
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Much to share today:

First, I’m planning a music post. Forget planning, it's going up now! The music I’ll be sharing my thoughts about are basically still in the stage of ‘trying to MAKE IT’. Both groups have CDs they’ve released, and while one has had a few albums released; the other group has only released one. No biggie BECAUSE I LOVE IT, AND YOU WILL TOO. (I’m doing caps right now because I’m lazy and don’ wanna do the carrots or html coding. I’m drafting this in WORD so I don’t get in trouble at work. I AM working; just so you know).

+ Steam Powered Giraffe – based in San Diego [basic info].
I came upon them in Balboa Park and have pictures with the group. Yes, I’m proud of this fact, because when they make it big, I’ll already have proof of their genius. The thing about this group is that I wish everyone could SEE them before they hear them. Only because their sound is just half the show. These guys are a production. They’re a real show with visual entertainment, great skits, and amazing sound! It’s like, Cirque du Soleil for the streets! (minus the defying-gravity-tricks; though they’re pantomiming is truly awesome to watch!!) And they sing very well together. They've really fine tuned their sound since they released their first CD. In fact, after I got their CD in the mail (OF COURSE I ORDERED IT), I was a little disappointed after listening to it because for one, the songs are more produced, they got to record it, so it sounds like it came out of a studio rather than acoustic or LIVE. Either of which I don't mind for MOST groups, but these guys were just...I wish I could have a well video'd presentation of their show, because it's just THAT GOOD! Of course, you must know that they're music style is a mixture of punk and folk, country and SHOW. There are sounds in the music you wouldn't understand unless you knew the basis of the song/robots/singers, and knowing the basis of the song requires a little build up by the members of the group explaining and pantomiming things. Either way though, they're pretty awesome.
Also, if you're interested, here is their media page. And their Bio Page. You can also find unofficial and official youtube videos of them performing in Balboa Park, some private performances, and competitions. The unofficial ones, of course, miss some of the action because they have no idea what kind of show they're going to be seeing, but the official ones don't have the best videographers starting out, so it all seems a bit amateur, but the videos don't even capture the AWESOMENESS of their pantomiming either, you just gotta see it live. Seriously.

+ Ben Christophers. He's got an interesting voice. Almost too feminine and thin, but he pulls it off in his newer stuff, I PROMISE. In fact, he opened for IMOGEN HEAP here in Houston at the Verizon Wireless amphitheatre. The first 2 songs he performed received lackluster response from the audience (I liked the second one a lot, but seriously, the audience was an odd mixture of people). But then he played the last song in his set and everyone loved that one. Like, lots of people started bobbing their heads to the beat or just paying more attention to him, and it was awesome. So, once we got to the merch table afterwards, his EPs were all sold out - stupid preteen kids and their parents totally bought out the stuff I WANTED.

Anyway, he's a bit like Imogen in that he is a huge MAC/Apple consumer, so his beats came from his nice little Apple laptop and he would set up his beats and stuff, and it wasn't awful to wait on, he was pretty fast about getting it set up. Anyway, I got his LIMITED EDITION ALBUM IN THE MAIL TODAY, and it's even autographed insert BIG SQUEES HERE. So of course I brought it into work with me, and it's one of his older albums, BEN CHRISOPHERS: VIEWFINDER. It's a unique Indie sound and it's mellow, but still has good beats and interesting lyrics and his voice is really something. It's like he purposely strains his voice in some sections to pull you in and that's cool.

Seriously though, I'd recommend getting his EP, or 'mini album' as he calls it (that's only available right now at the MERCH TABLE DURING IMOGEN'S TOUR IN THE US, URGH). So, if anyone would like to hear more of Ben Christopher's stuff, or see more of my pictures of Steam Powered Giraffe (and Ben Christophers, ha! I have pictures of both groups!) LET ME KNOW. I can also provide a snippet of their music to listen to if you're interested in hearing it :D



Mar. 19th, 2010 10:38 am
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Someone sent me a postcard!! HOLY CRAP! It's from Bess Rogers, Allison Weiss, and Jenny Owens Young!


They left lipstick kisses on it too, LOL! This totally adds a coolness factor to the day!
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Purchased a ticket for...$75 dollars. AMAZING.

I hope it all works out. How exciting!
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To the first 5 people to respond to this, I will buy you a copy of Hope for Haiti. I haven't bought credits for anybody on iTunes, so somehow I'll figure out how to get to you the credits to buy that album, after which the proceeds will then be given to Haiti.

I bought the music last night, and it is truly inspirational, and just beautiful stuff. I just love to see people unite for a cause like this.

The first 5 to comment will get the credits from me (I will find a way!! Whether I have to mail it, email the code, or whatever, it will get done, is there a way to gift a specific album to someone??).

Any takers?

Happy Friday y'all!
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Catching Up With Ingrid Michaelson

I'm getting a ukelele next.

I already have the mandolin!   *stares* Pretty girls :D  And Ingrid's dry sense of humor, LOVE HER!
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Ingrid Michaelson Performs 'Maybe'

:)  ONE MORE COMING!  Can someone get these uploaded for me?  I'd love to get them on my iTouch.  ...


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Web Exclusive: Ingrid Michaelson's...

YO!  They performed this the 19th of THIS MONTH! I saw them BARELY A MONTH AGO!  I KNOW THOSE GIRLS!  *swoons*

Bess Rogers, Ingrid Michaelson, and...what'sherface...Allie.  I think. :)  CHECK IT OUT!
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