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For those that understand what it is to be affected by Schizophrenia (and not the one actually diagnosed) but have seen or felt the affects of it on a loved one, I have a movie recommendation for you.

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Oh yes.

Obsessed. I went to a Kroger's store [like a Safeway] with my buddy to do some last minute shopping for her b-day party and...I saw Harry Potter Candies. Bertie Bott's every flavor beans and chocolate frogs. I got a wizard trading card: Rubeus Hagrid :D I opened up the jelly bean bag today and was wondering about whether or not the beans actually DID try to mimic nasty crap for flavors and WHOA. YUCK. Like, totally - be very wary of the jelly beans because, indeed, some of them are very very gross. But I also have had some pretty good ones! Lemon, strawberry, mint, licorice, and then there was one that I swear had pepper in it, and that was hard to swallow, lol.

ACK! School 'officially' started today, but I go to classes TR, so Tuesday Thursday. I just went today to get my textbooks metropass - there was some messed up stuff going on with that but it's all good. I start so late in the day too, bugger. My first class is at 2:30. Last class ends at 6:45. That's what I get for being a junior now. I hope the professors are better this semester.

!!! It looks like Hurricane Dean won't be heading over here, for now anyway, but still, not cool where ever it goes - hopefully it'll die down before touching land.

Saw The Bourne Ultimatum - may I say, AWESOME movie. I love watching Matt Damon in these movies. He's awesome. I dunno, just a great trilogy. Some new things came up, well, just one thing that I noticed - dealing with the girl [already forgot her name, haha] but yeah, will have to find some place to ask if anyone else noticed it. YAY FOR JASON BOURNE!!

/random || David Beckham sounds like a girlyman. Would NOT have expected that.


Aug. 2nd, 2007 10:33 pm
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I fail. LOL

I've been intending to beta my fic...I have 2 returned versions of my story from people that kindly beta'd a drabble for [ profile] hhr_challenge and for the whole WEEK I've successfully and dismally excelled in procrastinating from doing just that. Go me? I'm supposed to post on the 4th and I don't think there's been any activity at [ profile] hhr_challenge yet, so that makes me slightly nervous, too. OH WELL. I'm totally up for making a fool of myself for the sake of getting the ball rolling over there. Seriously guys, GO TO [ profile] hhr_challenge and contribute to the awesome FF of our fandom!!!

In other news, I saw Hairspray yesterday with my mom because she mentioned wanting to see it and I made the suggestion because she was SO BORED [and I was successfully procrastinating as aforementioned...]

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I saw the movie this morning. Got there just 5 minutes before the lights dimmed down.

Cut for fangirly rambling and first impressions and yayness for things I'd forgotten but totally loved...and fyi - I'm going to talk about the movie, rambling, and duh, movie spoilers...if you haven't read the books or anything or seen any of the footage that's been released...don't read - ^_^ )

And for those that are curious and don't watch the news on TV - for here in Texas, Rick Perry ordered that the flags be at half-staff until sunset of next Monday, January 16th(? I think), in honor of Lady Bird Johnson, Former US Lady. [I know it's til next monday-sunset, but dunno if the actual date is right.] I guessed. And here's a website that informs people of why and where flags are at half-staff in the U.S. HERE.

I don't think I made much sense in this post at all - sorry - still really hyped up about the movie. I do recommend everyone go see it. It's quite the film to see in theaters.
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One note before I say this -



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