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You may find the brave voices captured in this short film haunting, shocking and humorous. In some of their faces you'll see joy, anguish and grace as they trust you with their confession.

Please tell your friends about this short and thank you for supporting PostSecret by buying the books for yourself or as gifts.

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For those that understand what it is to be affected by Schizophrenia (and not the one actually diagnosed) but have seen or felt the affects of it on a loved one, I have a movie recommendation for you.

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Oh yes.

Obsessed. I went to a Kroger's store [like a Safeway] with my buddy to do some last minute shopping for her b-day party and...I saw Harry Potter Candies. Bertie Bott's every flavor beans and chocolate frogs. I got a wizard trading card: Rubeus Hagrid :D I opened up the jelly bean bag today and was wondering about whether or not the beans actually DID try to mimic nasty crap for flavors and WHOA. YUCK. Like, totally - be very wary of the jelly beans because, indeed, some of them are very very gross. But I also have had some pretty good ones! Lemon, strawberry, mint, licorice, and then there was one that I swear had pepper in it, and that was hard to swallow, lol.

ACK! School 'officially' started today, but I go to classes TR, so Tuesday Thursday. I just went today to get my textbooks metropass - there was some messed up stuff going on with that but it's all good. I start so late in the day too, bugger. My first class is at 2:30. Last class ends at 6:45. That's what I get for being a junior now. I hope the professors are better this semester.

!!! It looks like Hurricane Dean won't be heading over here, for now anyway, but still, not cool where ever it goes - hopefully it'll die down before touching land.

Saw The Bourne Ultimatum - may I say, AWESOME movie. I love watching Matt Damon in these movies. He's awesome. I dunno, just a great trilogy. Some new things came up, well, just one thing that I noticed - dealing with the girl [already forgot her name, haha] but yeah, will have to find some place to ask if anyone else noticed it. YAY FOR JASON BOURNE!!

/random || David Beckham sounds like a girlyman. Would NOT have expected that.


Aug. 2nd, 2007 10:33 pm
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I fail. LOL

I've been intending to beta my fic...I have 2 returned versions of my story from people that kindly beta'd a drabble for [ profile] hhr_challenge and for the whole WEEK I've successfully and dismally excelled in procrastinating from doing just that. Go me? I'm supposed to post on the 4th and I don't think there's been any activity at [ profile] hhr_challenge yet, so that makes me slightly nervous, too. OH WELL. I'm totally up for making a fool of myself for the sake of getting the ball rolling over there. Seriously guys, GO TO [ profile] hhr_challenge and contribute to the awesome FF of our fandom!!!

In other news, I saw Hairspray yesterday with my mom because she mentioned wanting to see it and I made the suggestion because she was SO BORED [and I was successfully procrastinating as aforementioned...]

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I saw the movie this morning. Got there just 5 minutes before the lights dimmed down.

Cut for fangirly rambling and first impressions and yayness for things I'd forgotten but totally loved...and fyi - I'm going to talk about the movie, rambling, and duh, movie spoilers...if you haven't read the books or anything or seen any of the footage that's been released...don't read - ^_^ )

And for those that are curious and don't watch the news on TV - for here in Texas, Rick Perry ordered that the flags be at half-staff until sunset of next Monday, January 16th(? I think), in honor of Lady Bird Johnson, Former US Lady. [I know it's til next monday-sunset, but dunno if the actual date is right.] I guessed. And here's a website that informs people of why and where flags are at half-staff in the U.S. HERE.

I don't think I made much sense in this post at all - sorry - still really hyped up about the movie. I do recommend everyone go see it. It's quite the film to see in theaters.
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Don't let anyone tear you down; not even me. Hold onto your dreams. )


Dec. 10th, 2006 12:49 am
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Oh my goodness!!!

*looking over shoulder*

I just saw the creepiest PG-13 movie.


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Good luck on your test tomorrow Gisele!!!


And now I want to curse like a sailor because all my icon posts have now deleted wonderfully cute icons!!! ARG! I'm SUCH an IDIOT.


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