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Feb. 7th, 2008 11:53 am
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shameless plugs for awesome sites (and to cheer me up because I don't feel so hot):

Vote for Houston's Cancer Medical Center(show the love by voting for a hospital). Colgate is collecting votes for certain hospitals across the US and when the voting is over, which ever hospital has the most votes gets a new playroom built for their hospital, courtesy of Colgate. Voting is allowed once a day from ONE computer, so if I were devious, I'd go to 15 different computers and put in my vote *hint hint*

[livejournal.com profile] every3days Currently the community is on a break but the purpose of this comm is to take a prompt (every 3 days) and write something for it. Be it a drabble, a chaptered story, short story etc. I haven't been able to participate much lately for lack of time and a bit of no inspiration, but it's a great group - and there's some nice feedback, too.

Everyone has been pimping this lately, and really, for a good cause, it should be. So go there, test your vocabulary, and feel good for donating rice to get rid of poverty.

Ick, OR, if you want :P you could gift me with the extra userpics package as an early present (they expire ...tomorrow, I think *gasp* I KNOW.
Present to what, you ask? Well, look at my profile then.
I swear it, I have a fever right now. UGH. I wanna go home.
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har dee har har

thanks to [livejournal.com profile] emannep ...

[I think, guessing from the hhr icon in their userpics] A fellow hhr shipper found me AN ANIMATED WILL FERREL ICON!!!!!!!

What's even better than that?! I remembered there's a website that allows you to search LJ!


I found MORE will ferrel, cowbell icons.


And just because I remember the show and how funny that skit was --

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This image is from deviantART, I recieved a message earlier today from them about a christmas project that they do with the online community at dA.

Well, I'm hoping that others will be interested in this as well because I think this is a great thing to do. dA has started the project to create or send in pre-made christmas cards with a personalized message at which will then be sent to hospitals throughout America, Canada, and internationally(if able).

If anyone wants to participate...

Here Are The Details )


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