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I have a top 5 for favorite Beatles songs.

Yellow Submarine
Eleanor Rigby
Paperback Writer
Hey Jude

The first 4 are definitely permanent favs, Hey Jude could be traded for something else - but I can't remember all the titles, I just know the words to every song once I hear the first note. :) YAY BEATLES!

RIP John Lennon
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Memories could change everything. Or not at all. The choices we make, the attitude we choose to have all affects how we percieve the world and how we react to it. Casting off memories, good or bad, painful or wonderful, could make us people we wouldn't want to be. I think it would be bad to 'cast-off' memories. We'd end up stagnant as a person, and to me we all have a purpose. Life is a journey, and by living and learning, we're either progressing or not.

I don't know if that made sense. Oh well.
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I remember buying a pint of ice cream from a Buccee's down here (a really popular ecletic gas station/shop, and eating the entire thing in about 8 minutes. And I still felt empty inside.

I have no idea which choice is better. I think it's relative to the person/people involved. Was it a healthy break up? Was it one sided? Depending on those things, some people do need time to just 're-group', while others (or the other half) feel fine immediately jumping back into the dating game.

I want to read everyone's responses to this now...
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Oct. 1st, 2010 05:28 pm
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quoted from [ profile] wlotus, entry.

Be Part of the Solution

LGBT and suspected LGBT young people have been completing suicide in astounding numbers in the past few weeks. They were driven to that extreme step after being systematically bullied, humiliated, and assaulted by their peers. Where did their peers learn it was okay to bully people based on their (actual or perceived) sexual orientation? There are a few answers to that question.

They learned it from you family members and friends of family they heard mocking LGBT people.

They learned it from you ministers who claim being LGBT is "sinful" or "an abomination".

They learned it from you politicians and community organizers who successfully pass discriminatory legislation that denies same-sex couples the right to legally marry.

They learned it from you federal legislators who do not recognize sexual orientation as a protected status in laws against hate crimes.

They learned it from you military people who force LGBT women and men to choose between openly acknowledging the person they love and serving and protecting the country they love.

You may not mean for your participation in any of these activities to be taken as a license to humiliate, assault, and murder LGBT people. You may say you do not have a problem with the LGBT person as a fellow human being, just with their sexual orientation being "sinful", "an abomination", or "unnatural". But the kids who bullied, humiliated, and assaulted their peers are not able to make that distinction. They hear you say those things, pass those laws, and preach those sermons, and they feel validated in bullying, humiliating, and assaulting whatever peers they perceive as LGBT. In their minds, if who the LGBT person is warrants your words and actions, who the LGBT person is warrants their abuse. They know their behavior is nothing more than the physical manifestation of your words and laws.

Why don't you?

Those mocking statements, those sermons, those laws, those federal silences all have nurtured an environment where LGBT youth are not safe to live their lives in peace and with all of the respect due to a fellow human being.

So, what are you going to do to put to rest the monster you created?
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How cool is this?

Technology is amazing.


Sep. 16th, 2010 10:27 pm
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So I noticed one of the flist HAS A BANNER up for VOTING ON LJ and I am going to ask that you all vote as well! My friend's lj is [ profile] faded_facade and it's a contest for a header design.

GO VOTE! :) Vote here at [ profile] lj_contests, you can vote for whomever you want, but I am personally cheering on my friend [ profile] faded_facade! If you do vote for my friend, thank you!

Poll closes on Tuesday, September 21st at 4PM PDT (7PM EDT).
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I bought a tub of ice cream for this lady one night when I was panic!grocery shopping because I had an empty fridge and just moved into an apartment by myself. She stepped up behind me and then let out a sigh like it had been a long day (at the least). I mentioned how good the ice cream she picked out was, and then she laughed and admitted the day was rough enough for some ice cream. At that point I had put all my stuff on the conveyor belt to pay and once the guy bagged my stuff I told him to ring up her item too. And she was so shocked. I just told her it was my gift to her to make it a better day. Then she gave me her card so she could buy me a margarita some time in the future :)

Back in high school, when most of us have to deal with self-confidence issues, et al, I walked into a Barnes & Noble and was just browsing the clearance section. And at one point I noticed a girl watching me, and as she walked away from ...her boyfriend (at the register), I think, she came closer to me to where we were just separated by a display tower and the table. She caught my eye and said, 'I really love the blouse you're wearing. It looks really good on you.' And I thought that was the sweetest thing someone could have done for me at that age. I remembered that compliment for weeks. And even now I still remember that exchange pretty well, and still have the blouse too. It's silly, but there you go.
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I remember.

Let us remember those that died, the survivors, and thank our service men and women for their continual sacrifices.

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