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I signed up to make soundtracks (yes, MUSIC) for fics. Coolness.

FF updates

Oct. 5th, 2007 02:56 pm
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FF updates

JazzyGeorgie updated Accio Life, and Lorien updated BRIDGES
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Title: Contentment
Author: acoustics1220
Format & Word Count: Ficlet, 1006 words/4,933 characters (no spaces)/5,954 characters (with spaces)
Rating: G
Prompt: August 4th the swing set (image under the cut)
Warning: Cavity inducing fluff =D
Summary: Playgrounds: an environment important in nurturing children. ‘Professionals recognize that the social skills that children develop on the playground become lifelong skill sets that are carried forward into their adulthood. Independent research concludes that playgrounds are among the most important environments for children outside the home. Most forms of play are essential for healthy development, but free, spontaneous play—the kind that occurs on playgrounds—is the most beneficial type of play.’
Author's Note: Many thanks to [ profile] the_lone_jen, [ profile] chibitoaster, and [ profile] thebouncingball the first two for so kindly offering to read my jibberish, and to the latter for graciously agreeing to read through my HHr-ness. I am dreadfully sorry to say that I scrambled on this drabble. I had three different people look at it early on, and I’m very grateful to them, but after I edited [in the late evening hours of August 3rd] no one reread it for further errors. All errors are my own.

The breeze was refreshing and entreating. He hoped this would last forever. )
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Interviews and sneak peeks on HBO - youTUBE!! )

In other news - I've been thinking about writing HHr again. A year ago, my big goal had been to become an author at PK [which I did] and to continue from there with exceeding fervor [thats a negative]. And seeing as that didn't happen, I've written a couple of drabbles, have a few unfinished stories on my hard-drive - but have yet to post anything since back in ...maybe November.

Well that has ended and I've indeed written out a little drabble for the community I'm helping to mod at: [ profile] hhr_challenge

I wanted to do something early on in the month of August because I'm not sure how many people are actually going to participate there.

...lets just say I wanted to throw in my own contribution to the effort. It'd be really nice to see the comm take off in a whirl of whizbangs and other satisfying Weasley Twins hubbub, so after all my dribbling, I have come to post requesting the assistance of a beta.



Pretty please? Anyone? I'm not a great writer, or even a good one, but wow - betas are LOVE, and I know I could do with much constructive criticism and just some general help in the vicinity of writing again.

*smiles hopefully*

*offers HBO previews*


Nov. 29th, 2006 02:12 pm
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Title:Broken Glass version one
Rating: PG
Warnings:drabble, inconsequential babbling
Summary:Our delusional couple moving into their own place.
Author:[ profile] acoustics1220
Disclaimer: I own Nothing except the plot.
Comments: I was watching TV a few days ago and heard an advertisement using the song 'White Houses,' which I think is sung by Vanessa Carlton, I really love the piano in it and for some reason I thought of this thing. It's not a complete story, but it's not a drabble (far too many words, a drabble is 100 words I believe).

Broken Glass I )

Title:Broken Glass version two
Rating: PG
Warnings:drabble, inconsequential babbling
Summary:Our favorite couple moving into their own place.
Author:[ profile] acoustics1220
Disclaimer: I own Nothing except the plot.

Broken Glass II )

Rating: PG
Warnings:drabble, HHr snogging
Summary:It was supposed to be time used for studying, but who can resist a few minutes for a break?
Author:[ profile] acoustics1220
Disclaimer: I own Nothing except the plot.
Comments: I just love the thought of content that a couple can have being with each other and showing their affection. Jeez, these comments may just be better than the actual drabble. Now this one is most certainly a drabble...I think, lol!

Break? )
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My USB memory stick...uh, it got fallen my notebook. The chip looks intact and even the connecting metal thingies, the itty bitty ones...

But the casing is just MESSED UP.

I'm wondering if I could get it reconnected to a USB thingie so that I could still use it. It's no biggie that I lose a memory stick - it was only 20 bucks had my fanfic on it. I do have that backed up on this computer but I would really like to keep using this stupid thing. Stupid electronics and unstable surfaces. This weekend is not at all what I had in mind. At all.


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by:[ profile] cocoa_revenge

I mean really, I feel so stupid right now because I can't figure out how to like...put in my stories. Besides the whole copy and paste idea which is definitely looking to be the route I will take because I don't know how to put in a read my stories...and I'd very much like to figure out how to do that. Of course I totally expect it to be something totally simple and staring me in the face - just like HHr, but another subject for another day.

Help me out guys!!!


And another thing - what is a client on this site? There's this box on this posting screen that says - other posting options and like 5 options...Download a client, and some other riff raff that I might play around with at some point but...


Otherwise, I like my settings, the whole grey background and simple look. I'm diggin' it. Definitely.

OH!!! and whats the link thing at the bottom of my post?

...hmmmm, I just found something interesting here...lj cut stuff...I wonder- I'm going to experiment now!!!

:::getting nervous:::

Maybe I'll post a story thats at FA...or two!!! YAYA!

Because of Her )

I hope that works...

Without )

I'm feeling anxious now, and like I should be chewing my nails off...but I can't - thats the violinist in me. Stupid habits. They (my nails) are too short to chew off anyway...

:::rolls eyes:::


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