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originally posted at [ profile] gamers by someone who obviously knew what they were talking about. HOLY CRAP PRETTY MUCH THE AWESOMEST THING EVER!!!!!!
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GUYS. I need a magic wand to FIX MY COMPUTER.

For WEEKS I've been seeing this message 'Your C:(!@#$%) Drive is running VERY low on memory. Click here to delete unnecessary files, remove/uninstall programs you don't use'.

Do I need a new computer? I don't know how to transfer things from the C drive to the data drive without MESSING UP ALL MY PROGRAMS. There's some I don't even use, but... :( I don't know what to do and I'm freaking out because...I have a LOT of important documents on this computer, it was my college computer, it has tons of my school work, papers, etc.

THEN, there's the MUSIC. iTunes has to save this file on the C: drive, whereas I've MOVED all the music files from the C drive to my external harddrive (which I almost killed a few months ago after pushing everything off the lappie when I spilled root beer ALL OVER the right side of the keyboard)...

I'm clumsy, I can't help it.

Help *cries*

I'm also reticent to consider purchasing another laptop because the next computer purchase I want to make is for a Mac. But those dang things are EXPENSIVE. And I want it primarily to be my partner in crime in school (whenever school deigns me worthy enough NOT TO REJECT ME *not bitter*)

Please offer solutions and peanut butter balls. I need some peanut butter to soothe my soul now.

/random, random, is random: also, I NEED A PEANUT BUTTER ICON. lol /random
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I need a notebook, of the electronic persuasion.

One that covers what I usually do, along with the programs needed for a student (Word, Works, Powerpoint, etc). Along with the ability to do (nice) graphic-y stuff.

    A. For one, I will continue to download stuff from the internet.
    I will play games either from online, or a CD.
    I will want to save lots of images on my notebook, along with a large portion of music.

    B. Should I get a notebook with a dual core processor?
    How many gigs can last me at least 3 years?
    And what about an external harddrive?

    C. Any suggestions?

I've been considering a Sony notebook for about 5 months, because for one, I won't buy an HP/Compaq notebook EVER AGAIN. Also, this notebook had 80 Gig. It's been 2 years, and the harddrive has been replaced twice, along with the CD-Rom drive, once. I think the harddrive needs replacing again.

Another thing, I don't want to go with Dell because communication is done through the phone, online, electronic transmission of some kind. I don't like that because then who can I yell at, face to face, if I have a problem? (lol - just so you know, I don't yell at customer service, I've worked in that department, so I try to be considerate).

Help!! Please?

EDIT: 11/14 - if anyone hasn't given me their address and you'd like a holiday card sent to you, go to this post.
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Thanks to [ profile] ireneadler, I've had the pleasure to MAX OUT on uploading icons to my userpics page. Guh! 103 spaces to fill and for a while there I felt like those spaces kept multiplying! Twas bliss.

Cut for length - well, it's not THAT long but I didn't wanna HOG TOO much space )

and [ profile] mypetconcubine - I hope the medicine has helped.
[ profile] risiepookie I miss you, but I hope you're having tons of fun where ever you are *tight hugs and kisses*

ANDDDDDDDDDDD - [ profile] kundalakesi UPDATED JANUARY!!!
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My USB memory stick...uh, it got fallen my notebook. The chip looks intact and even the connecting metal thingies, the itty bitty ones...

But the casing is just MESSED UP.

I'm wondering if I could get it reconnected to a USB thingie so that I could still use it. It's no biggie that I lose a memory stick - it was only 20 bucks had my fanfic on it. I do have that backed up on this computer but I would really like to keep using this stupid thing. Stupid electronics and unstable surfaces. This weekend is not at all what I had in mind. At all.




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