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ohhhh emmmm geeeez.

Episodes 9 and 10 are WOW! I'm so excited!! I knew it! I knew it! We were only seeing one side of the whole story. Echo can do this, she's different, but now, now!! We get to know...

How did I miss 2 new episodes?????

I saw ...shows (multiples) Friday, I watched Dollhouse - but...what I'm watching on Hulu NOW is not what I saw on Dollhouse last Friday!! I'm so confused!

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Has anyone checked out of Dollhouse? I think it's because of Glee that a few people have completely checked out of Dollhouse. I know I have.

I completely forgot to check my Hulu queue for Dollhouse, and I've been getting email notifications - but all I check on is GLEE. I love Glee. :( I wonder if Dollhouse has sunk because of Glee.

Is the rumor true that Joss is doing an episode of Glee??? I read it somewhere...but couldn't quite believe it. I'm almost afraid he'll jinx Glee too and make it die. KEEP GLEE, PEOPLE!

I'm so bored. And tired. I slept wrong this weekend and my neck and shoulder hurt real bad.

Glee S. 1xEp. 12 Review )

Dollhouse Review-S.2xEp.5-6, 'Your skin is like a pig' )
FYI, I am so totally checking back in for MORE DOLLHOUSE, PLEASE? K,THKS.

/random side-note: I read a Will/Rachel fic today, and while the writing was good - it kind of freaked me out. :/ *wigged*
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Just saw Dollhouse S.2, Ep.1. WOW! All the Claire!content was AMAZING!

I am so excited, the things that have changed (epi quality/new opening credits/etc), Topher, and Boyd, DeWitt and Paul!

WOW! The quality just goes up and up!


Gonna go see Ingrid Michaelson in concert! YAY!!!!!!! Bought a new camera just for the event, a cute little red Canon something-or-other. Oh, Powershot.

So excited.
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So, today - with my first post (the breast cancer awareness post); was actually my first time on LJ since I last posted, the 6th.

And before Noon today, I'd had 6 hours of sleep since...Friday. LOL

I was ready to pass out at 11 AM, but luckily I got home, was hungry - so ate lunch with the 'rents, and then conked out from ...1 to ...5.

:D I'm so much better now, it's INSANE ♥

Also slept over at a friends and it was great! The dog was small and cute and had a mustache and cuddled up to my foot once I fell asleep on the couch ^_^ It's so nice to have a creature sidle up to you and fall asleep like that. Body warmth. It's nice.

...I had something else to say, but can't remember now. LOL

I NEED TO WATCH DOLLHOUSE WHOA! I love HULU. Also, I haven't gotten to check the FList, let me know if there's something I should take a look at :) Random happy stuff, serious RL stuff, HIT ME WITH IT! I love knowing about my flist, or being a shoulder to lean on, etc. I ♥ you guys, I really do.
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...was pretty freakin' awesome! If you missed this first season, PRE-ORDER IT! It's at Amazon, and it is SO WORTH IT.

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I fell asleep last night before getting to post MYHAPPY! (Long day SO sleepy)

1) Sleeping in :D
2) Having an awesome breakfast!
3) Getting to go to church and sit with my girlfriends :)
4) Singing at church.
5) Staying after church for choir (I'm a huge music dork, I don't deny it)
6) Having a great dinner after getting home :)
7) Getting to watch Amazing Race and The Apprentice with the family :D
8) Finding more awesome icons to save!
9) Finding a new Dollhouse Friending Meme ♥ Which reminds meeeeeeee


( the dollhouse friending meme )
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I participated, and I had ridiculously simple icons, but I always LOVE seeing what people can create - it's INSANE the creativity people have online! I love it!!!!!!!!

GO VOTE! ^_^


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