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I don't think I'll let spoilers slip...

Hugo's movie trailer is a bit of a tease. It makes the movie look a lot more fast-paced and adventurous, (edge-of-your-seat) exciting than one might feel while watching the movie.

That's not to say that one couldn't enjoy the film, but it's slow, very slow at least until halfway through. I wanted to see the movie for 2 reasons, I like Asa Butterfield (the young boy) because I've also seen him in The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. He has a lot of potential, and the trailer tricked me. Otherwise, he has captivating blue eyes, and I enjoyed the way Asa did his role.

I loved the supporting cast!! I've been spoiled by Harry Potter, but it was GREAT to see a few actors from the Harry Potter franchise in Hugo. Madame Maxime was there, Uncle Vernon, Narcissa Malfoy, I'm sure I'm forgetting others...but well, it was fun to poke the boytoy and say 'HARRY POTTER!' with hushed excitement.

As for Hugo, I love the friendship that develops between him and Isabelle (Chloe Grace Moretz). A cute girl with a love for books and beautiful words. She was able to get Hugo to open up, and their friendship was very nice to follow through the film.

It's an interesting story centered around the boy trying to fix an 'Automaton'. The Automaton has the ability to write and the boy wants the message. There's quite a few other details that make the story complete, but overall, not a bad movie. Not the BEST movie, but I would recommend if you go see it - go to the 3D showing. The opening of the movie is very visually appealing and I can only imagine how it would look if the screening we went to had been 3D. I'd be interested in getting the soundtrack. I probably won't buy the DVD/Bluray (unless there was a 3D version), but I'm not terribly disappointed by the film either. It's worth a watch, but don't go in expecting to be wowed.

3.5/5 stars

CNN Review of Hugo

The Christian Science Monitor Review of Hugo (I do not follow this website, I just googled 'Hugo' and this came up)

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Hugo Teaser Trailers and posters LOOK AT THIS LINK. PRETTY IMAGES.

I think they are SO CUTE!!

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Asa Butterfield just got cast to be Ender in 'Ender's Game', so I think his potential is about to be realized. I can't remember who is directing, but I hope to god it is someone with mad skills in directing child actors AND reverence to the story.

Seriously, more people need to see 'The Boy In the Striped Pajamas', that was soooo good.

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